Virtual Playdate Parties are Here

Snapdragon Busy Bags & Binder Pages is Introducing Virtual Playdate Parties. After booking a party date and time with us, gather together (virtually) 5 or more friends / family members and let us take care of the rest.  Attendees who place an order on within 24 hours of the party will receive a free gift with their order. The Host(ess) will receive a discount valued at 15% of the orders placed.

Parties can include kids or just be for Adults.
Ideal for Mom or Dad groups, Friends getting ready for the holidays, Families looking to buy something for a birthday boy/girl, Educator parties, Daycare providers, and more.

How to book a party - use the contact me page and let me know you would like to book a party.  I will connect with you to set up the details.