Barrier Scenes

Barrier Scenes

Educational Busy Bags by Snapdragon


Barrier scenes require pupils to speak clearly and be attentive listeners. They learn how to give clear descriptions, instructions and clarify through questioning while also developing communication skills such as social and linguistic skills.

How to use them - A barrier is placed between the players to hide one's scene from the other player but still be able to make eye contact. The person giving the directions places the pieces on the photo wherever they would like. Once all pieces are placed they describe to the 2nd person where they have placed them and the 2nd person places them in those locations. After completed remove middle barrier to see if they match. You can take turns with who describes and who listens to strengthen both skills.

Target skills
- Vocabulary
- Adjectives: e.g. colors, size
- Spatial concepts: e.g. on, in, under, below, next to, between
- Following multi-step directions
- Following sequential directions
- Giving directions
- Formulating sentences and questions
- Social skills: e.g. Making eye contact to give/receive instructions, asking questions to clarify instructions.

This product was created with consultation of Speech pathologists, used in both clinic and home settings.

Included - 2 copies of each scene and image pieces. Product doesn't include center barrier.

All of Snapdragon products are shipped ready to use. Each item is laminated, velcro is applied where needed and a dry erase marker is supplied for products that require one. Should you have any questions please use the Contact Me page to send me an email. I will reply back within 24 business hours.