Digital Communication Book

Digital Communication Book

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The author of this book is a mom committed to normalizing neurodiversity as well as a Parent and Family Advisor with Hamilton Health Sciences, working closely with Ron Joyce. She volunteers a lot of of her time sitting on two committees overseeing the evolution of inclusion and diversity within our current medical and school system. She also works closely with the clinical leader of the Technology and Access clinic at Ron Joyce on many projects including the creation of this communication book.

Words from the Author
I was looking to create a workbook that could help bridge gaps between those trying to communicate and those trying to understand. This digital communication book is great for school communication, home communication with various caregivers, and act as a great tool to communicate with different family members.

The purpose of this book is to prompt communication, idea, thought and feeling sharing. People with communication difficulties often need help talking about everyday life events and the things that are important to them. My daughter often assumes I won’t understand what she’s talking about, so she doesn’t even try to share what’s on her mind.

A communication book provides a way for parents to communicate important issues and events relating to their child, without face-to-face interaction, in order to avoid disputes. The child typically carries the book in their bag between visits to each parent. It is preferable if it is a bound book with numbered pages.


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