Kinder Table Top Activities #2

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Educational Busy Bags by Snapdragon

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This limited edition bundle focuses on literacy and is the perfect addition to any kindergarten classroom. With 5 different products this is perfect for rotating bins or allowing more students to participate in literacy activities at one time.

All these products are laminated for durability and easy cleaning.

Acorn Alphabet
Children will match upper and lower case letters with a fun acorn theme. Includes 52 themed cards.

CVC Word or Not
Children use the alphabet pieces to create words on each of the vowel pieces.  Once a word is built they will determine if what they have created is an actual word or not.  Includes: 2 full sets of alphabet pieces (24 in total), dry erase marker, 5 vowel base cards.

Word Family Train - level 1
Word family train is an excellent way for children to work on their beginning sounds and early spelling.  Ideal for Kindergarten to grade 1. Word list includes sit, rip, lip, net, jet, wet, pet, mop, pop, tap, hut, pen, map, cap, nap, nut, men, hen, bug, rug, bin, mug, ten, rat, pin, hit, fin, win, mat, cat, hat, cut, hug. 

I see...sentence builders
I see ... sentence builders is ideal for young children to learn how to build a sentence and begin reading.  It also covers number, colour and object recognition.

Pencil Alphabet & Numbers
Snapdragon's Pencil Alphabet & Numbers pack is the ideal table top activity for Preschoolers and in the classroom.   Children can use this pack to place in alphabet and numerical order, use the alphabet to spell out simple words or simply build alphabet and number recognition.  The fun pencil shape helps to create interest with children of all ages. Includes 26 Alphabet pencils and numbered 0-9 pencils. Each pencil is approximately 2 x 4.75 inches.

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