Kindergarten Prep Kit

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The Kindergarten Prep kit was built after consulting with several Kindergarten Educators to find out what children should practice before starting kindergarten.
I know my ABCs - 3 different Alphabet activities on one page. 
Counting Board - numbers 1-10.  Includes written number, printed number, dice, finger counting, and counting strips for each number. Includes 50 numbered pieces (#s 1-10), base board.
Learn to Tie - practice lacing and how to tie their shoes with this fun Snapdragon activity.  The shoe is printed on very thick card stock and laminated for durability. Includes: Shoe & random coloured shoe lace.
Apple Alphabet Sounds

This is a fun product that can be used in groups or individually.  

Level 1:  Place them in a pile and have child(ren) pick one up at a time and say the letter. This is a great way to practice letter recognition.

Level 2:  Place them in a pile and have child(ren) pick an apple say the letter and make it's sound.  This activity strengthens skills needed for reading.

Level 3:  Place them in a pile and have child(ren) pick an apple say the letter, make it's sound, then give a word that starts with that sound/letter.  This shows further understanding of the alphabet, sounds and beginner reading skills.

For more variety you can scatter them around the table or ground and ask children to find a specific letter, then make it sound.  The little rhyme included with this product is perfect for playing with a small group of children.  As the children take their turns the rest of the group can recite in unison.

Product is printed on thick card stock and laminated for durability.