My Big School Bundle - Binder

My Big School Bundle - Binder SALE

Educational Busy Bags by Snapdragon


This Bundle pack is ideal for those at the Kindergarten learning level.  Includes 7 different learning activities in a school theme.

Targeted skills:  Alphabet recognition, fine motor skills, printing, letter sounds, counting, basic measurements, spatial awareness through size sorting, counting by 2s & 5s, printing name, early spelling.


Print the Alphabet - Children will practice printing their Uppercase & lowercase letters with this fun 7 page activity.

Fill in the blanks - Children will sound out the word/image and select the correct letter to finish the word.  Letters to choose from are printed below the word.

Sort by Size - Includes 8 school themed images in both Small and Big sizes for children to sort.

Measuring Length & Height - Count how many squares long or tall each object is and write it in the space at the end.  

How many are there - Counting to 20 activity.  Place apples in the number strips and have child count how many there are.  Alternatively you can write a number below and the child needs to place that many apples.

Counting by 2s & 5s - Use the dry erase marker to fill in the missing numbers to count by 2s and 5s.

All of Snapdragon products are shipped ready to use. Each item is laminated, velcro is applied where needed and a dry erase marker is supplied for products that require one. Should you have any questions please use the Contact Me page to send me an email. I will reply back within 24 business hours.