My Big School Bundle - Binder

My Big School Bundle - Binder
My Big School Bundle - Binder
My Big School Bundle - Binder
My Big School Bundle - Binder

Educational Busy Bags by Snapdragon


This Bundle pack is ideal for those at the Kindergarten learning level.  Includes 7 different learning activities in a school theme.

Targeted skills:  Alphabet recognition, fine motor skills, printing, letter sounds, counting, basic measurements, spatial awareness through size sorting, counting by 2s & 5s, printing name, early spelling.


Print the Alphabet - Children will practice printing their Uppercase & lowercase letters with this fun 7 page activity.

Fill in the blanks - Children will sound out the word/image and select the correct letter to finish the word.  Letters to choose from are printed below the word.

Sort by Size - Includes 8 school themed images in both Small and Big sizes for children to sort.

Measuring Length & Height - Count how many squares long or tall each object is and write it in the space at the end.  

How many are there - Counting to 20 activity.  Place apples in the number strips and have child count how many there are.  Alternatively you can write a number below and the child needs to place that many apples.

Counting by 2s & 5s - Use the dry erase marker to fill in the missing numbers to count by 2s and 5s.


This product is sold both with and without the binder - Please select from the top if you would like to include the storage Binder & Cover page.