October 2020 Clubhouse - Jk/SK

October 2020 Clubhouse - Jk/SK

Educational Busy Bags by Snapdragon


The Rhyming Tree and the build your own Jack-o-lantern are the perfect pair for the Autumn season.  

Rhyming Tree - Children will take the leaves from the top of the tree and match them up to the rhyming word/image below. This is available in both busy binder and busy bag format.

Build your own Jack-o-lantern - This includes 3 pumpkins and 17 face pieces for children to build their own Jack-o-lantern. This activity encourages imaginative play and opens the door for emotional recognition & body part placement.

This product is exclusive to Snapdragon Clubhouse Subscribers until October 15th, then it will be available for sale to non subscribers.  For more information about the Clubhouse Subscriptions please click here - Snapdragon Clubhouse Subscribers