Picture Word Sentence Builders

Picture Word Sentence Builders
Picture Word Sentence Builders
Picture Word Sentence Builders
Picture Word Sentence Builders

Educational Busy Bags by Snapdragon


Turn reading into a fun game with Snapdragon's Picture Word Sentence Builders.  Featuring 8 large images with smaller matching word cards that are colour coded for easy matching. 

Building sentences is a skill for both oral and written language development. This skill encompasses the concept that words can be put together to form a sentence, which is a foundational skill for both reading and writing.  Sentence Building Helps Young Learners understand how spoken language is represented in print.

How to Play
1. Place matching (same colour) word cards on top of the image (not in sentence order)
2. Have children read the word on any card.
3. Once they correctly read the word remove it from the image.
4. Continue reading and removing cards until they are all uncovered.
5. Use the word cards to build a sentence that describes the picture.

Targeted skills: reading, word recognition, sentence structure, object recognition, problem solving, concentration, oral & written language, 

Includes 8 Images with word cards to make a sentence for each picture.
Please select from drop down menu which level you would like.

All of Snapdragon products are shipped ready to use. Each item is laminated, velcro is applied where needed and a dry erase marker is supplied for products that require one. Should you have any questions please use the Contact Me page to send me an email. I will reply back within 24 business hours.