Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

Educational Busy Bags by Snapdragon


 Scrambled Eggs is a fun Literacy game designed for grades 1 and beyond.

Players (teams) race the clock to unscramble the word on the egg.  If the timer runs out the other player (team) has a chance to steal the egg.  If they are successful they get to keep it.  If not it's thrown into the frying pan.  Be careful of the whisks, they cause you to loose your eggs!

This game is a unique Snapdragon product that is perfect for family game nights, small groups and classrooms.  You can play 1 on 1 or in groups.

Game instructions are included with product. Features 45 word eggs, 8 whisk eggs, 1 frying pan card, master word list & instructions.

Please select your word level preference from the drop down menu

Beginner Level - ideal for grades 1-3
Intermediate Level - ideal for grades 3-5
Expert Level - ideal for grades 6-8

All of Snapdragon products are shipped ready to use. Each item is laminated, velcro is applied where needed and a dry erase marker is supplied for products that require one. Should you have any questions please use the Contact Me page to send me an email. I will reply back within 24 business hours.