Yes or No Question Cards

Yes or No Question Cards

Educational Busy Bags by Snapdragon


When your toddler begins answering yes/no questions (accurately) sometime between 19-24 months of age it's like the floodgates of communication open.

Answering yes/no questions is a very important skill, especially for children with limited verbal skills. If a child can answer yes/no questions, it expands how much they can tell an adult or caregiver almost exponentially. Yes and No are so powerful!

Yes/No are also ideal target words because they can be expressed simply, with or without verbal words. Children can nod, vocalize, or look happy to express “yes.”

Snapdragon's Yes or No Question cards feature large real world images with large Yes/No square to point to or you can use a small object/figure/close pin for child to indicate their answer.  Each card is approximately 5.25 inches x 4 inches, 30 cards total.

This product was created after consulting with Speech Pathologists and used in both clinical and home settings.

Product is printed on thick card stock and laminated for durability.